You are Engaged! Now What?

Have I ever mentioned that we love working with amazing wedding vendors that not only do awesome job for couples on their wedding day but also treat their work as an art, may it be event design, styling, catering, stationary or anything else a bride would wish for. Greensboro North Carolina wedding planner Leigh Pearce is one of the artists that we are always looking forward to work with, and we are much honored to have her as a guest writer on our blog today with her top tips to the newly engaged couples. To connect with Greensboro Wedding Planner Leigh Pearce, you can find her website HERE


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The Newly Engaged To-Do List:

Congratulations on your engagement!! Once the initial shock has worn off (and you can finally tear your eyes away from that sparkly new addition on your left hand), you may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding.  Most people have never planned a large event and may begin to stress about the to do list that keeps getting longer and longer.. and longer and longer.  First, take a deep breath and relax!  Keep reading to find out what you can move to the top of that to do list and make your life easier.

1. Share your exciting news and celebrate! 

Obviously, you want to call your parents, close family members, and friends first.  They will want to share in your happiness too!  Start thinking about those close friends and family members who may be a part of the wedding party (such as best man, maid of honor, and other attendants).  And make sure you enjoy actually being engaged.  Don’t let the hectic planning take away from the fact that you are engaged to be married.

2. Set the budget and guest count. 

Both of these tasks go hand in hand because a $10,000 budget simply cannot support 300 guests.  So, find out who may be contributing to the wedding and how much each contributor is willing to spend.  Decide on a general estimate of the number of people you like to invite to the wedding.  This is important information that needs to be known before other aspects of planning can begin (such as selecting the caterer or venue). Next, actually create a guest list.  Yes, it’s boring and tedious but you never really know how many people you want to invite until you actually start writing it down.

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3. Set the date and time of the big day.

A way to save money is to plan your date during the off-season or on a Friday or Sunday during the daytime.  The more expensive months included April, May, June, September, and October.  You want at least 6 months to plan so that you don’t feel to rushed and go wedding-crazy.  Also, many vendors can book up way in advance so you want to make sure you don’t have to settle for someone else because you set your date too late.  It is difficult to continue planning your wedding without setting a date because so many things are affected by it.

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4. Get help!

Think about hiring a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator.  You definitely do not need to take on this huge project by yourself.  There are a million other things in your life that take up time (work, school, children, family, friends, and the list goes on).  You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you are so stressed and tired that you aren’t even enjoying your engagement anymore.  Finding the perfect wedding planner can seem like a daunting task all by itself, but check out these tips for finding the best wedding planner for you and the decision is bound to be easier!

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5. What’s your wedding style? 

Do you want beachy-boho or vintage country?  Or do you want glitzy glam or modern and fresh?  Knowing your wedding style will help you select the right color palette and design.  If you’ve hired a planner, they will be a tremendous help in this area.  And as a side note, dear heavens, everyone please stop calling it a wedding “theme”.  Themes are for proms and cruise ships. Stepping off my soap box now….

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6. Decide on a Wedding Venue that Fits your Wedding Style.

Say you’ve decided that country chic is the style for you…you don’t need to be researching banquet halls and fancy country clubs!  Knowing what type of venue would suit your wedding style (maybe a refurbished barn for that country affair) will make the venue search a thousand times easier…and make your photos that much more amazing!  Once you find that perfect venue, it’ll be a huge weight off your shoulders.

7. Find the Perfect Wedding Vendors

Booking vendors that you click with and enjoy spending time with is extremely important. You should feel comfortable expressing your opinions to your vendors so that your big day comes out exactly how you see it in your head.  Your floral designer, caterer, and photographer are all extremely important and should be comfortable working with your wedding style as well. Spend some time during your vendor search making sure that your vendors understand your style; after all, they are the ones producing the décor that makes your style what it is!  Keep in mind that the photographs from your wedding are one of the only things from your big day that you can carry with you and cherish for years to come, so make sure you do your research.  Having fabulous photography allows you to relive all the magic of your wedding whenever you please, so don’t be afraid to spend a few extra dollars to secure a photographer that will capture all of the love in your big day!

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So, I hope you will use this list to get your wedding planning on track and save your sanity.  Married folk, what was the first piece in the planning puzzle you tackled when you got engaged?



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